CaseWare Working Papers 7.02

CaseWare Working Papers 7.02

CaseWare Working Papers is highly flexible engagement software
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Work more efficiently and effectively
With powerful document management, real-time collaboration, direct scanning, online review, efficient clean-up, sophisticated lockdown and advanced roll-forward, Working Papers lets you work smarter and faster than ever before.

Ensure firm standardization
Working Papers' built-in drag and drop mapping system allows you to assign your clients' accounts to standard map numbers quickly. As the map numbers are common to all clients and independent of the client's chart of accounts, firm standardization is facilitated and the speed and accuracy with which you can complete the engagement is significantly increased.

Produce next-generation financial reports
Turn any document, including financial statements, into a cost-effective, client-ready report that automatically links to your client data using either the built-in report writer or by linking information to Microsoft Word and Excel. With a single click, create PDF versions of these documents to share with your clients.

Optimize review and audit process
With history tracking, milestone creation, issue/review notes, diagnostics, a full annotation system and online sign-offs, the review and audit process is achieved entirely on-screen, with no need for paper.

Easily integrate with other software
With imports from over 60 accounting packages, exports to major tax packages and the capability of linking with document management systems, Working Papers allows you to work seamlessly with other "best of breed" software.

Be ready for XBRL
Working Papers is armed with numerous XBRL capabilities including tagging, instance document creation, validation, review, and inline XBRL (iXBRL).

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